Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True

The following text is for questions 32 to 36.
Sleeping Beauty
    The King and Queen were celebrating the birth of their only daughter. The fairies of the kingdom came to the palace to celebrate the newborn baby. And as tradition required, each one gave a gift to the child. But, as the youngest fairy was about to bestow her gift upon the baby, a witch came in! The witch was very angry because she hadn’t been invited to the party.
    “One day, The Princess will prick her finger on a spindle and die!” She shouted bitterly. “No!” Intervened the youngest fairy, “Instead, She will sleep for a hundred years.” The youngest fairy did not have the power to cancel the witch’s spell, but she could change the spell and help The Princess. The following day, The King ordered his people to burn any spindles in the kingdom. He thought by doing so, he could save the princess from the curse. Time passed. The King and Queen were happy to see their daughter grow up happily and healthily. One sunny spring day, The Princess took a walk, together with her lady companions. The Lady Companions were so busy talking that they didn’t see The Princess opening an old wooden door, full of curiosity.
    “Well!” said The Princess, “I ‘ve never been here before.”
     After going up a long flight of stairs, The Princess found a room with an old woman spinning with a spindle. The Young Lady had never seen one before and was very curious! The Princess went in arid asked, “What are you doing, Old Lady?”  “I’m spinning a spindle. Come nearer and you’ll be able to do it. I’ ll show you how,” said The Evil Witch.
     Soon after, The Lady Companions found The Young Princess lying on the floor. When they saw the spindle, they immediately understood what had happened.
     “Oh, no! She has pricked herself! The Young Princess has pricked herself and will now sleep for one hundred years!” they cried.
     The King ordered The Princess to be taken to the best room in the palace and sent his messengers to find The Youngest Fairy. When The Youngest Fairy came, she waved her magic wand and everybody who accompanied The Princess immediately fell asleep, too.
     The years went by. Nobody remembered The Princess and the curse anymore, until, one day, a young prince decided to climb up the tallest tree and see what the abandoned palace was hiding. There he saw The Princess and fell in love with her.
      The Prince went into the palace. He thought the sleeping princess was so beautiful that he knelt next to her bed to kiss her cheek. Magically, the “Sleeping Beauty” and the whole palace awoke.
       The following year, The Prince asked the princess to marry him. Eventually, they became the happiest couple in the kingdom and lived happily ever after. 
Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE according to the text?
The witch was angry for she was not invited to the party.
Sleeping Beauty begged the witch to remove the curse.
Sleeping Beauty was curious when she saw a spindle.
The youngest fairy could not cancel the witch’s spell.

Bagi kalian yang sudah belajar namun belum juga menemukan jawaban yang benar, dari persoalan tentang Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True maka pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan memberi jawaban juga pembahasan yang cocok untuk persoalan Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True. Untuk itu sekali lagi kami sarankan untuk memperhatikan hasil yang ada di bawah ini, supaya dilain hari, kalau ada pertanyaan yang mirip kamu dapat mengerjakannya dengan baik.

jawaban yang paling tepat adalah B. 
Pembahasan: Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True
Pertanyaan di atas menanyakan pertanyaan manakah pada opsi jawaban A sampai D yang tidak ada di dalam bacaan.
Berikut ini adalah masing-masing terjemahan dari opsi jawaban A sampai D:
A. Penyihir marah karena ia tidak diundang ke pesta perayaan
B. Putri Tidur meminta penyihir untuk menghapus kutukannya
C. Putri Tidur penasaran saat ia melihat sebuah pasak
D. Peri yang paling muda tidak bisa membatalkan kutukan sang penyihir
Dari terjemahan tersebut di atas, opsi jawaban A dinyatakan dalam bacaan pada paragraf 1 kalimat 4 dan 5, opsi jawaban C dinyatakan dalam bacaan pada paragraf 8, dan opsi jawaban D ada pada paragraf 4.
Sedangkan pernyataan pada opsi jawaban B tidak disebutkan dalam bacaan.
Jadi jawaban yang paling tepat adalah B. 

Kami berharap mudah mudahan jawaban dari persoalan Which Of The Following Statements Is Not True diatas dapat meringakan kalian menyelesaikan tugas dengan sempurna.