Who Sent The Letter [*JAWABAN*]

Read the following letters and answer the questions.
5 October 2017
Dear Melodi,
As you already know, I have recently finished my postgraduate degree and will be leaving for Denpasar at the end of this week. Please consider this to be my sincere goodbye to you.
    I want you to know that I am leaving here with truly mixed feelings; happy about finishing my education, but sad to be leaving the school where I have had so many unforgettable moments with you. The last two years as an English teacher at our great school was the best period of my career so far. I learned a great deal and worked with you, who, I am sure, I will remain a good friend for a long time. I can only hope that our friendship will never end.
    Thank you so much for making my time at the school a truly enjoyable one. Let’s keep in touch. Speak to me before I leave on Friday and I will be happy to give you my new phone number and e-mail address.
    My very best wishes for the future go out to you.
Yours sincerely,
Who sent the letter?

Adik-adik yang mendapatkan permasalahan persoalan Who Sent The Letter, baiknya kamu mencatat ataupun bisa simpan halaman yang tersedia, supaya nanti kalau ada pertanyaan yang sama, kalian mampu mengerjakan dengan tepat dan tentu saja akan dapat mendapatkan nilai yang lebih sempurna lagi. Oleh sebab itu itu silahkan memperhatikan jawaban dan pembahasan Who Sent The Letter yang bisa kalian lihat dibawah.

Pembahasan: Who Sent The Letter
Pada bagian tanda tangan di akhir surat terdapat nama Dona sehingga jawaban yang benar adalah Dona sent the letter.

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