It Can Be Concluded That *Penjelasan*

    Here is my unforgettable experience. One day I joined a story telling contest. Two of my friends and I had been chosen to take a part in the final round at the district level. I was very happy and eager to win the competition.
    For preparation, I had to memorize and understand the story well. My teacher guided and taught me pronunciation, facial expression and gestures. One day, before performing, my friends and I were busy to prepare the props and costumes for the competition. Thing that me sad was my teacher rented the props and costumes for my friends but not for me. My two friends had beautiful costumes and luxurious props. Although I just wore the simple ones, I performed my best to win the competition.
    The competition started. I got number 29 and my friends got number 5 and 10. I was nervous but I showed my best performance on stage. Lots of people took photos and videos of me. Finally, anxiety was gone after I had finished performing. And then, the announcement came which made three of us very uneasy. Luckily I was chosen as the first winner. I went to the stage and all the judges congratulated me and gave a plague, trophy, and money. I was very happy.  
From the text it can be concluded that …
It is necessary to wear beautiful costumes for the competition.
Practice makes performance go well.
Being nervous helps perform well on the stage.
Wearing simple clothes can help win the competition.

Buat kalian yang ingin tau jawaban dari pertanyaan tentang It Can Be Concluded That, Kamu bisa menyimak jawaban yang tersedia, dan harapan kita jawaban dibawah ini dapat membantu kamu menjawab pertanyaan tentang It Can Be Concluded That.

jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan B.
Pembahasan: It Can Be Concluded That
Berdasarkan teks di atas, kita tahu bahwa tokoh dalam cerita dapat memenangkan perlombaan bercerita walaupun memakai kostum yang sederhana. Karena yang membuat si tokoh memenangkan lomba bukanlah kostumnya, namun kerja keras dan persiapannya lah yang membuat ia menjadi juara. Maka, kita dapat menarik kesimpulan bahwa latihan membuat penampilan lancar atau “Practice makes performance go well”.
Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan B.

Semoga jawaban diatas bisa membuatmu mendapat jawaban yang baik dari maslaha It Can Be Concluded That.