What Caused The Battle Of Surabaya [Jawaban]

Task 1: Reading Comprehension
As you know on every 10 November we all celebrate Heroes Days. Why do you think the Heroes Day took that special date to commemorate our heroes’ sacrifice? Discuss with your partners and come to a conclusion why the date has become special. After that, read through the passage and check whether your conclusion is the same as the reason stated in the text.
    On 10 November, Indonesia celebrates Hari Pahlawan or Heroes Day in remembrance of the Battle of Surabaya which started on that very date in the year 1945. The bloody battle took place because Indonesians refused to surrender their weaponry to British army. British Army at that time was part of the Allied Forces. The defiant Bung Tomo is the well-known revolutionary leader who played a very important role in this battle.
   It all started because of a misunderstanding between British troops in Jakarta and those in Surabaya, under the command of Brigadier A.W.WS. Mallaby. Brigadier Mallaby already had an agreement with Governor of East Java Mr. Surya. The agreement stated that British would not ask Indonesian troops and militia to surrender their weapons.
    However, a British plane from Jakarta dropped leaflets all over Surabaya. The leaflet told Indonesians to do otherwise on 27 October 1945. This action angered the Indonesian troops and militia leaders because they felt betrayed.
    On 30 October 1945, Brigadier Mallaby was killed as he was approaching the British troops’ post near Jembatan Merah or Red Bridge, Surabaya. There were many reports about the death, but it was widely believed that the Brigadier was murdered by Indonesian militia. Looking at this situation, Lieutenant General Sir Philip Christison brought in reinforcements to siege the city.
    In the early morning of 10 November 1945, British troops began to advance into Surabaya with cover from both naval and air bombardment. Although the Indonesians defended the city heroically, the city was conquered within 3 days and the whole battle lasted for 3 weeks. In total, between 6,000 and 16,000 Indonesians died while casualties on the British side were about 600 to 2000.
    Battle of Surabaya caused Indonesia to lose weaponry which hampered the country’s independence struggle. However, the battle provoked Indonesian and international mass to rally for the country’s independence which made this battle especially important for Indonesian national revolution.
Adapted from: http://www.globalindonesianvoices.com/17298/hari-pahlawan-battle-of-surabayathe-story-behind-indonesias-heroes-day/
Answer the following questions briefly based on the text above.
What caused the battle? Draw a diagram that shows chronologically this events that led to the battle.

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Untuk membuat diagram harus ditentukan kejadian yang terjadi secara berurutan. Pertama bermula ketika terjadinya kesalah pahaman antara tentara Inggris di Surabaya dan Jakarta yaitu “Tentara Inggris di Surabaya melakukan perjanjian dengan Gubernur Surabaya agar Indonesia tetap menjaga senjatanya.”, kemudian “Pesawat dari Tentara Inggris datang dari Jakarta dan menyebarkan selebaran yang isinya berlawanan dengan perjanjian.” dilanjutkan dengan “Indonesia yang merasa dikhianati dan mulai melakukan penyerangan.” kemudian “A.W.W.S Mallaby dibunuh” akibat dari kejadian tersebut, terjadilah “Pertarungan berdarah di Surabaya.” hingga akhirnya “Orang-orang Indonesia dan Internasional bersatu untuk kemerdekaan bangsa.”
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